The Ban on Love

Waking up he feels a longing

climbing up along his throat

all the feelings are to thronging

lay over him like a coat.

Doesn`t feel the stitches when he sleeps

but waking up his heart cracks.

Maybe this is the reason why he keeps

his eyes closed so thoughts cannot attack.

In his head it´s all about her

Why is my desire so pure?

Why do I have these feelings for her?

But never have I been so sure.

A silent scream escapes his mouth

But no questions are allowed.


Sonnet – If life were beautiful

If life were beautiful, then why should I be
living here, without your hand next to mine
and you be there, where our eyes cannot meet
and your fingertips can't trace the map of mine

if life were beautiful then why can't I dive

in the universe of yours so our stars
can collide and create in speed of light
a new space of love and beautiful sparks

if life were beautiful, then I would be
getting lost in the hazel of your eyes
and we would love and be loved - you and me

but if life were beautiful, then there would

be no pain and ache - no suffering at all
and without these we would not even fall


Our love for sonnets

When you thought that school can’t be harder

Then you haven’t met the father of sonnets

Every night I cry out to my mother

About how much they destroy our heads

One day there was a wise man

Who bore the name Shakespeare

Who wrote about everything he can

Without knowing that we will suffer here

Even after the third time reading

With the thought that we understood

Our hearts began bleeding

Because our interpretation wasn’t like it should

If the topic ever appears in your school career

Then you can prepare yourself for shedding a tear


The shiny sun was bright

The shiny sun was bright,

Butterflies started to fly,

In your room was the light,

That began to die.

You dressed up pretty

And felt like a princess;

The stares made you feel shitty

And the dress was a mess.

Beautiful eyes turned to be bloody,

Lovely hearts experienced sadness,

The cramps in your body

Showed you to feel shapeless.

People will always criticize

As long as your pride not dies.



Today I want time to stand still for me

winter is here; we're back in December.

There are still so many things left to see

Yet, things I saw, I can't seem to remember

This whole life is lost in nothing but memories, 

golden rays of summer still linger on my skin

and It is always the same; in all centuries

The rich taste of youth is bloody just like sin

It's the fireworks at twelve that I truly fear

because they make it sound real

that it's a new decade that is so near;

and I'm still unsure what to seek and what to feel

I want to start this year with joy in my heart,

paint these empty pages, turn future into a piece of art.



Are you brave enough to step out in this world

To experience the good and the bad

It's bot a promise you won't get hurt

But it's worth it and in the end you'll be glad

You took the steps and went outside

To find your way

And fight against the tide

No Matter what they say

So overcome your doubts and your fears

And just enjoy your life

Don't waste so much of your tears

Before the sharp knive

Cuts off your days

And you'll be in heaven's maze


Childhood dreams

Even the greatest stories must have an ending

J.K. Rowling disagreed that theory by sending

Harry into a new adventure with his son.

Voldemort’s child didn’t have as much fun

Gringotts, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts are magical.

How Harry’s parents died on the other hand was tragical;

Deatheaters were starting to disappear

And Snape’s patronus started to look like a deer.

Harry became the greatest seeker in a hundred years,

That made Professor McGonagall hold back her tears.

Living in Hogwarts is like a dream coming true,

Sirius Black as his godfather! Harry had no clue.

Into the mirror of Erised Harry sees his greatest desire;

He just wants his parents to live, and sit with them by the fire.

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