Our Trip to Ireland 2019

On Monday September 9th 2019 we started our Journey at GSG. We were all so excited on our way to the airport and took our first pictures.

At 11 o`clock we arrived at the airport “Frankfurt Hahn”. The flight took about two hours and we all took photos of the beautiful view from the plane windows. When we finally arrived at Kerry airport we still had half an hour’s drive to our hostel in Tralee, but it didn`t matter because we were all so excited by the environment of Ireland.

We arrived at the hostel and were welcomed by the very friendly homeowner Stephen and his wife. In the first evening we all walked through the little town on our way to the supermarket. Later we met Ming and Valentine (two persons who live and work there), and we talked and played a lot of chees with them. On our first morning we made breakfast for everyone and met outside the hostel for our first city quiz and learned many things about Tralee, for example why “The rose of Tralee” is still so important.

We were accompanied by a nice tourist guide who started singing an old Irish song with a nice stranger, it was very cool and we all had to smile a little bit. After we had answered every question, we had some free time for shopping or just enjoying our free time at the hostel.

Our cooking group met Mr. Sveti and Mrs. Fohr-Knappe later at the supermarket to buy everything for dinner. In the evening we walked to the dog race. We were all kind of cautious, but after two rounds of dog race everyone enjoyed it and one of us lost more than 16 €.

On Wednesday morning we walked along the long way to an old mill. We could all take some nice pictures even if it was really windy. We arrived there at 10 o`clock. Our guide had a really strong Irish accent and asked sometimes if we had understood everything. We went back home after we had lunch and everyone was quite happy about the wraps which had been made that day. Eating the wraps and watching Vanessa panicking because of the hot sauce she put in her wrap, we had free time that we spent walking through the streets or like Vincent winning chess against Valentine all the time. In the late evening we went to a great theatre in Tralee. The stage play we saw is called “Fado Fado”, and it was amazing! The dancing was great and everyone enjoyed it. When the play was over the little orchestra and all the performers got a huge applause. Then we headed back to the hostel.

The next morning, a lot of us overslept and came to late for breakfast. The plans for that day were to drive to a small city called Dingle.

After 1-2 hours by bus and a wonderful rainbow later, we took a short stop at the cliffs for a few pictures, we arrived at the city. Even if it was raining, the atmosphere between us was still surprisingly good.

The first stop we did at Dingle was an Irish Sealife-type of thing but with more animals like butterflies and penguins. We had an amazing boat ride with a lot of funny moments. And after we got back into the bus, we drove to a beautiful beach where we would stay for a while. The sky had cleared up so everyone took pictures. It took us some time actually to walk down the stairs to the beach. But when we got there we weren`t disappointed. A few students instantly ran into the water but everyone who did was quite careful because the water was still pretty cold. But it didn`t take long for some to get wet, we all laughed so hard, while someone was trying to play his new Irish flute better and better.

For our last dinner we went to the pizza place nearby. It was announced that we were allowed to stay outside in groups for a little while. We had an amazing last evening at Tralee and one of the groups found an American diner and multiple places where you can get good coffee or a hot chocolate.

Friday September 13th, was stressful because everyone tried to grab their stuff which was (for most of us) spread all over the floor. We had breakfast and had the last hours before we drove back to the airport. Sadly, we said goodbye to all the nice people we met at the hostel and bought some last souvenirs.

About the flight there isn`t much to say, except that everything went as planned and we arrived home in time. All in all it was an amazing journey for every single one of us. We met new people and we`re so thankful for our nice trip to Ireland.

Written by Hannah Windecker, Leny Augustinovic 9c

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